Consultant Profiles


Dan Giacomini grew up on the Clover Jack family dairy farm – a pasture-based dairy farm on the California north coast. He obtained a BS in Dairy Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA in 1982, with a concentration in dairy management. He received a MS in Dairy Science from the University of Illinois in 1985, with a concentration in ruminant nutrition.

 Today, Dan Giacomini is an independent dairy management and nutrition consultant, doing business as Pacific Nutrition-Consulting, specializing in both the conventional and the organic dairy industries. In addition to working directly with conventional and certified organic dairy farmers, Dan provides consulting services to feed, feed supplement, and product suppliers in the conventional dairy industry, as well as those seeking or continuing organic certification for their products. He has consulted in the certified organic arena since 1993, starting with the first certified organic dairy farm and creamery west of the Mississippi. He has been consulting with conventional dairy farmers since 1982.

Dan served on the National Organic Standards Board under the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; he was Chairperson on the Board in 2010. He is the founder of PNC and