Pacific Nutrition-Consulting (PNC) provides complete feed and management consulting services to the conventional and certified organic dairy industry. Our staff has consulted for conventional dairy farms since 1982 and with certified organic dairy farms since 1993, starting with the first certified organic dairy farm and creamery west of the Mississippi.

 PNC believes that every operation is special and unique. Dan believes that every livestock operation deserves a customized approach and specializes in finding the fit between each individual livestock operation and the scientifically-established nutritional needs and requirements of the animals. The nutritional requirements of most domestic species of livestock are well known. However, requirements are based on ideal situations with minimal stress on the animals. PNC recognizes the difference between this scenario and the real world and works to blend the science into each unique and individual livestock operation that he works. 

 Dan brings a unique background to his work. Dan grew up on a small, pasture-based Registered Guernsey dairy farm in Northern California. He blends an education in commercial dairy management and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, along with a sound basic science education in animal nutrition and biochemistry and a MS from the University of Illinois. This combination allows insight into the unique problems, goals and priorities of purebred registered dairy farms, large commercial dairy operations, as well as small conventional and certified organic livestock operations. PNC is very aware that one size does not fit all. The goal of PNC is to customize our program to each and every livestock operation we work with.

 In addition to ration formulation around forages, grain and commodities, PNC is able to develop customized supplement packages for each and every livestock operation – from basic mineral and vitamin formulations that meet the requirements of the animal at the least cost, to value-added supplement mixes that strive to improve all aspects of the performance of the animal. Some of these advanced packages have performed so well in the field that they are being requested by dairy farms that we do not otherwise consult with.  If you are interested in more information on any of these packages, please contact us.