In addition to working directly with dairy production clients, PNC works with a number of other aspects of the dairy and livestock industry.

 Feed mills

PNC consults with feed mills to work directly with some of their customers regarding the unique aspects of animal nutrition within the regulations of being certified organic. We have worked in cooperation with feed mills to help some of their smaller dairy farms who otherwise might not be able to afford the advice of an independent nutrition and management consultant. PNC also consults with the feed mill regarding in-house grain mixes and vitamin and mineral mixes for both their conventional and certified organic business.  PNC’s expertiese ranges from the restrictions of certified organic production and handling to the full conventional toolbox including but not limited to balancing for amino acids, starch, and sugar as forms of non-fiber carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and probiotics.  

 Allied Industries

PNC consults with allied industry manufacturers and suppliers of products from mineral supplements to teat dips. We have consulted on strategies of market placement, to better meet the needs of the dairy farmer end users, as well as strategies of organic placement to move ahead with the company‚Äôs existing products or strategies for redesigning existing products to meet organic regulations at the least cost to the company, without compromising the quality and characteristics of their products.


PNC has consulted in Canada, Mexico, and South America, as well as the United States, regarding issues of formulation, product placement, and opportunities in the organic and conventional marketplace.