Pacific Nutrition-Consulting began consulting in the certified organic arena in 1993, serving as the animal nutrition and management consultant for the first certified organic dairy farm and creamery west of the Mississippi. Since 1993 PNC has continued to expand our consulting work in the certified organic industry. 

Organic Livestock Consulting

PNC works with dairy farmers in evaluating the cost and opportunity of transitioning to certified organic production. We continue to follow the developments and changes in organic rules and regulations in order to formulate complete, nutritionally-sound, organic livestock diets that both meet the animal’s needs as well as comply with all organic regulations. For more information on PNC’s work in livestock nutrition and management consulting please refer to the Livestock Consulting page.

Organic Feed Industry and Other Support Industry Consulting

PNC consults with numerous feed mills on formulating certified organic grain and commodity feed blends that comply with organic rules and regulations. PNC works with mill and mixers to formulate feed additive and feed supplement mixes that comply with organic livestock production regulations. 

PNC works with feed additive and feed supplement sales and manufacturing companies to help them position their existing products in the organic livestock marketplace, or to reformulate their existing products to bring these products into compliance with organic regulations. 

PNC works across the landscape in the organic feed industry to interface with Accredited Organic Certifiers to understand the ingredients, or uses of particular products as to how these products comply with the requirements to be allowed in organic livestock production. 

PNC also consults with milk processors regarding organic regulations and compliance.


PNC works with organic certifiers to better understand the dairy industry in which they are working. Many certifiers do not have extensive experience in the dairy industry in general, or specific aspects of it in particular. PNC offers advice to certifiers regarding situations they find on their clients’ dairy farms that they believe are on the edge of organic compliance.

National Organic Standard Board

Daniel Giacomini, founder and president of PNC, currently serves on the National Organic Standards Board. This board provides advice reccomendations to the US Secretary of Agriculture regarding the rules and regulations of the certified organic industry in the United States.