Organic on-farm milk price

December 19th, 2014 | 0 Comments

The farm price of organic milk is going through a very dramatic increase. The price the farmer receives for organic milk will have increased significantly between September and the first of next year. All parties, both farmers selling and processors buying, are concerned whether these prices will be sustainable. Most processors provide quarterly or monthly contacts on pricing. Without providing confidential specifics, one processor in the US (herds in the West, Midwest, and Northeast) is offering those higher prices for multiple year contracts. Contracts much longer than 1-3 months. If I were an organic dairy farmer, I don’t know if I would want to commit to a milk price many years down the road. However, from the processing side, this shows at least one processor convinced that these prices will be sustainable and that they will hold for a significant period of time.

Organic Livestock Production: GMO vaccines

November 14th, 2014 | 0 Comments

Like it or not but I truly believe that if anyone were to challenge a restriction of GMO vaccines in organic livestock production in court, the court would find that they are currently allowed. I’m not an attorney but that’s what the regulations say currently.  The National List (NL) listing for Vaccines in 205.603 is inclusive as vaccine: biologics and without restriction.  The very first amendment to the Organic Rule was clear that without annotation or subcategory a NL listing is inclusive.  Thus all vaccines and biologics are currently allowed in organic livestock production.  It isn’t a matter of whether I like it or not.  That is what the rule says.

Hoping organizations would start using the process and stop trashing organics

July 18th, 2014 | 0 Comments

Everything included in food products labelled as “Organic” that is not an organic agricultural product must be allowed on the National List (NL) which is part of the federal organic regulation. There is a process to add substances to the NL and a process to remove them. If there is new evidence showing a substance on the NL causes digestive upset or another health or environmental problem that is exactly the reason to follow the process and file a petition to remove the substance from the NL. The process works. However some organizations choose to not follow the process and not allow it to work. They only criticize it. They seem to have decided to continually post and tweet about the potential health problem of a particular allowed substance thereby raising questions about the organic industry and organic integrity in the eye of the consumer and seemingly doing it that way only for their own agenda. If you have a problem with an item on the NL then present the data and file a petition to remove it. In the meantime, quit claiming how much you support the industry while trashing it continually in your posts and tweets.